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to benefit from the

My FREE Gift:
The Templar Magic Spell

For the exclusive attention of my protégé:


  • YES, dear Athena! How can I ever express how grateful I am for everything you do for me? It is with great joy that I accept to be able to benefit from the Templars’ most Valuable Secret! With it, I want to put an end to my misfortune and various problems as soon as possible!
  • Yes, Athena! The Templars’ most Valuable Secret (the one that can bring my destiny from darkness towards the light) has been intentionally hidden for centuries.
  • Powerful people in this world have kept it for themselves because it is at the very source of their Wealth and Power!
  • Yes, Athena! It was during renovations in the church of Rennes-le-Château (a little village in the south of France) that Father Saunière found the “Templar Seal of Consecration”. And it was thanks to this seal, that he was then able to find the Fabulous Templar Treasure!
  • Yes, Athena! Thanks to the spirit of Father Saunière, I want to experience as soon as possible, my New Destiny of Luck, Wealth, and Power thanks to the Great Templar Ritual of Power related to the “Templar Seal of Consecration”.
  • Yes, Athena! I have your guarantee that neither THE GREAT TEMPLAR RITUAL OF POWER, nor the “Templar Seal of Consecration” pose any danger, to my body or my mind.
  • Yes, Athena! You assure me that I don’t need any special ability or “gift” to benefit from it. All their Prodigious Powers take effect, regardless of my age, social background, and beliefs. It doesn’t matter whether I practice a religion or not.
  • Yes, Athena! I want Luck, Wealth, and Power to appear in my life over the next few days, as if by Magic. I want to benefit from the Templars’ most Valuable Secret as soon as possible.
  • Upon receiving this agreement, I request that you perform THE GREAT TEMPLAR RITUAL OF POWER for me, and then immediately afterwards, send me the “Templar Seal of Consecration” along with your detailed instructions.
  • I want to be able to activate the Great Ritual as soon as possible in my life, as well as the Fabulous Powers of my 3rd Eye.
  • My 3rd Eye sees everything and knows everything. Once “reactivated”, thanks to the “Templar Seal of Consecration”, I want it to be able to bring me EVERYTHING I dream of, at the speed of light!
  • Thank you, Athena! Since I am answering you promptly, please don’t forget to also send me my FREE GIFT: THE TEMPLAR MAGIC SPELL.

This is the Magic Spell that the Templars had to pronounce during initiations and before important events within the Order. Thanks to the Templar Magic Spell, I want to be able to speed up the appearance of Luck, Wealth, and Power in my life even more!

  • Dear Athena, thank you for taking my situation into account. In order to benefit from this unique help as soon as possible, I will now send you a contribution of just US$59.95 (instead of US$99.95).

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