This high vibratory music will help you protect and strengthen your aura. 


Your Aura-Repairing Vibratory Music

  Audio 30 min – Sacred Music

My definition of an aura? A sort of energy shield surrounding you like a halo of light protecting your inner strength. On many occasions I have seen that when the aura of one of my followers is weakened, that person’s energy level and ability to make their plans and projects succeed is also undermined.

We are all just energy and vibration.

That is why music, and especially the sacred notes, can help you. Among the 9 frequencies of sacred notation, the frequency that interests us here 528Hz, associated with the element of fire, the color gold, and the idea of transformation.

It is a frequency of positive energy that can have a very beneficial influence on your aura and strengthen it.

This frequency is also called the “Holy Frequency” because it holds several spiritual properties. The one we are interested in here is its very beneficial action on your protection.

You will receive detailed instructions – along with your sacred music – to make the best possible use of it.