In this e-book, you will discover 7 powerful purifying Talismans along with my advice to regain energy and harmony in your life.


A vibratory & Spiritual purification journey 

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The chakras are the swirling spiritual centers responsible for receiving favorable extra-physical energies and redistributing them throughout our minds and bodies.

If your chakras are blocked, the vital forces of the universe are unable to enter your mental/physical entity through these veritable vibratory portals.

As you know, we are constantly bathed in the vital streams of energy that flow through the universe. Most of the time, however, our minds and bodies are not pure and receptive enough to receive them. They are effectively blocked by mental and vibratory negativity (negative thoughts, misfortune, psychological traumas, emotional or professional setbacks…).

It is important to regularly undertake, daily if possible, the vibratory and spiritual purification of your being, and particularly of the 7 chakras, to facilitate the flow of vital energy.

I placed all my experience in this work to guide you throughout the purifying task you are going to perform thanks to the 7 Sacred Talismans of Happiness that will be disclosed to you.